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    How To Feel Safer In Your House

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    A home is a place where one feels most comfortable. It is the safe space where you need not be anything but yourself, and you need not fear anyone or anything. But how do we make sure our homes are safe? What do we need to do to feel safer in our homes? Read ahead to find our experts tips and suggestions on this matter…

    Select the correct neighborhood

    One of the main things that you should pay attention to when going house or apartment hunting, is the crime rate of your intended neighborhood. If the neighborhood of your home is shady, you will not only feel uneasy living in it, but you’ll also feel insecure about leaving it closed for a period of time. This means you’ll have to sacrifice your plans for holidaying too. Always ask the (future) neighbors about it. If the area you’re currently living in has suddenly seen an increase in its crime rate, consider moving away.

    Make sure the primary security is in place kw

    There are a few basic things to ensure that your home is secure in a primary level. Check if your doors and windows (and all other entries) are made out of a sturdy material. Something easy to kick in should be replaced as soon as possible. Likewise, make sure that you use the best quality locks that are available to your locality. Apart from this, you can take additional steps such as fences and tall walls, as well as thick curtains to block the inside view.

    Be armed with a security system

    Depending on the neighborhood, it’s best not thinking yourself safe simply by installing a sturdy assa abloy locks (or whatever brand available to you). Layer in another level of security by installing a security system. If you live in a rented home and your landlord isn’t happy about wiring or drilling, you can even install Bluetooth burglar alarm systems or motion detectors. Just make sure it is run by solar power or battery, as you don’t want it to fail during a power cut or black out.

    Have a “leaving home” checklist

    It’s very easy to forget or make mistakes when rushing out of the home. To avoid accidently keeping a window or entrance open, make yourself a “leaving home” check list. In fact, make one for leaving home for the day, and one for longer absence. This list should include everything from turning off the gas to rechecking the battery life of your alarm system/ smoke alarm; as well as closing the garage roller gates as you leave.

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