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    Since most businesses, regardless of their size, thrive to earn profits, they may either outsource or offshore their business activities. It should be noted that there are some differences in both these strategies, although the meanings are often interchanged. This article highlights the differences and discusses the advantages and disadvantages entailed in them.

    Outsourcing Vs. Offshoring

    With outsourcing, a third-party company is hired to carry out the project. Thus, BPO companies in Manila will need to hire their own staff, software, and other resources to complete the project at an agreed cost to the given timeline. On the other hand, offshoring is the process where the company re-locates a part of their business usually to a different (offshore) location. Thus, a trusted partner will be engaged who will hire staff and other resources needed. When comparing these two strategies, the following can be summarised:

    • Control
    • Costs
    • Privacy and Security
    • Risks

    Who is in control?

    With offshoring, you are always in control! The staff in both colocations will follow the same processes that you are familiar and have been tried and known to give results.

    With outsourcing, you have no control whatsoever and at times they (the outsourcing partner) may not be transparent.

    Cost cutting?

    Yes, both offshoring and outsourcing are strategies that are cost savings! Offshoring to Philippines is a good example, as the companies can tap into their cheap but high skilled labour market.With offshoring, there might be a high initial cost since a lot of effort to finding a trusted partner who can help you to set up your business elsewhere. However, the savings will be visible in the long run and not initially.With outsourcing you will not have to worry about setting up a business, thus keeping start-up costs less. However, it is important to have a robust agreement, otherwise there may be additional costs incurred when trying to correct if something goes wrong!

    Privacy and Security?

    In general privacy and security is compromised with both these strategies. However, this risk is almost eliminated with offshoring as the staff are your employees and use your systems and you are in control. In the outsourcing strategy, this is recognised as a risk and companies do offer a transparent process, where you can monitor and audit their system for problems. However, this cannot be always guaranteed.


    Hiring the right employees is important to the success of a businessWith offshoring, you have the option for attracting the right skills to do the job. You will often use the same processes to employ persons of high skills.

    With outsourcing, you will not have this luxury! There is a risk of hiring the wrong skills and the project going horribly wrong! Thus, important to have very clear terms and conditions or a Service Level Agreement with the outsourcing company prior to commencing work.


    Since both strategies have their own merits and demerits, it is always recommended to seek for an expert opinion. There are several consulting companies who can provide their expertise to help you make your mind.

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    You want to function your business as smoothly as possible? Well, then you need to firstly make completely sure that your stock handling is done properly. Handling stock is not easy, especially when it comes to ordering the goods there are somethings that you will need to decide first!
    Here are some stock handling tips to help you out!

    Restocking the correct goods

    As business you should be able to identify the products in your business that are fast moving. These fast moving goods need to be marked out from the rest. You can identify the products that are running out of stock soon, by using a marking system. You can mark all the stock that will need restocking and depending on the lead times and delivery time taken you can reorder the necessary stock.

    Lead times and buffer stocks

    Any stock has a lead time for it to be completed in production. So when you are running out of stock of a certain product you should be able to order the next batch of the goods before you run out of it. You need to therefore always be aware of the lead times of the goods and order the stock. As a business you should also maintain buffer stock of the products that are constantly ordered and have a high demand. A buffer stock is the holding of a certain amount of the fast moving goods for emergencies. It is good to maintain buffer stock of those goods that are fast moving so that you will not need to ever disappoint your customers when you run out of stock and have to wait for the next batch to arrive! If you have little space for storage then you can use shipping container homes Victoria that can be converted into almost anything! You can even use them as a storage compartment with storage shelves!

    Delivery of the stock

    When it comes to the delivery of stock you will need to ensure that you deliver the goods on time. However, you will also need to make sure that you have the right documents prepared. You will need to issue a delivery note to the driver with details of all the goods being sent, their quantities and assurance that there are no damaged items. You will need to get it attested by the driver as well! Also make sure that you keep a copy of all the records for your future reference as well! You can get 20 foot shipping containers for sale for all your delivering needs without having to always hire out a vehicle which can be a real hassle.


    Stacking the goods and the conditions that they should be stored in is equally important. Especially if you are handing goods that can ho bad like food items. When it comes to perishables with little durability then you will have to ensure that the goods are kept in the warehouse foe little as possible and are delivered on time. They should also be stored in the perfect environmental conditions as well!

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