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    Increasing your business’s profitability may become quite the task after some time. Your business may be on the cash cow stage of the Product Life Cycle (PLC), but it may not be generating as much profits as before. That may be because either a fixed cost increased or the product price reduced while the costs per product either increased or stayed the same. Whatever the case, increase your profitability is very vital to a business with shareholders as they expect profit returns at the end. If not, shareholders will start selling the share making the share value to drop.

    So let’s see some tips on how to increase profits!

    Fixed costs and direct costs

    There is a very important relationship between fixed and direct costs and profit. Unless you understand its relationship you will be unable to achieve higher profits. Fixed costs are the costs that will not change up to a certain limit regardless of how much ever produced or bought. For instance rent of premises. These costs remain the same. So you need to look for ways to reduce your fixed costs. The direct costs are the costs of the either producing the product or buying it. For instance, cost of raw material. This cost will vary with the number of products. So you should only reduce the prices if the fixed cost per product reduces and you can pass it on to the consumer. And if the fixed costs does reduce per product and you leave the price as it is you will be able to enjoy higher profits!


    Diversification is great option for businesses that have the ability to manage another product. It may be a similar product or a completely different one. Whatever the case a business should only exploit other business opportunities if it is a sure shot and you can earn some profits through it. Make sure to diversify to products that have a good reputation in the market. You may however need to meet a company formation agent to get the necessary documents and legalities in check!

    New market penetration

    Penetrating in to a new market with a new product you be will required to get yourself registered which will incur company formation services HK. When penetrating into new markets with a new product or if you decide to penetrate a new market with your existing product you may be able to find potential leads you never thought possible. These leads should then be converted into sales. Penetrating new market should always be undertaken after careful market research.

    Renewal of product

    You may want to try making changes to your existing product, to increase the profitability. For instance, if you are a biscuit manufacturer you can come up with a new flavour. The new flavour may become the hit of the town. Sometime the same product in a different packaging has done well and brought in greater profits. You may want to try making a few changes to your product when you start feeling the decline in sales.

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    Your home is the most important and the most valuable place in the world to you, which means you, obviously, would do anything to make sure your home stays free of damage and every negative thing that could happen, this also includes pests. Once you realize there is a pest breakthrough in your house, it is not easy at all to get rid of them! No matter what you’d, it will not get rid of pests permanently unless you think of hiring a service that will get rid of the pests for you! These services are trust-able and will do a lot of things that you would not be able to do at home to get rid of your pest problem permanently. Exterminators are always going to be the wisest decision you can make in order to protect your house against pests such as cockroaches, fleas and flies. So here are some reasons to consider a service to help you! 

    Costs – Some families do not want to call residence pest control because it might end up costing them too much, but the truth is that calling a service is going to help you save millions of dollars. This is because while it might take a fee to call an exterminator to come and get rid of the pests in your home for you, if you do not do this and try to resolve the problem using other, different methods, it is not going to get rid of the problem permanently. Then when pests continue to live in your house it is going to cause a lot of damage and thus it will cause you to lose a lot of money.

    Expertise – Employees of pest control services are trained in order to gain knowledge of how to use hazardous products and where to insert such products in homes and gardens when necessary. If you are to deal with hazardous products that you bought from a store to get rid of insects, it might cause a lot of harm as you would have no knowledge or training on how to do it. Most companies are also adapted to environment friendly products as well.

    Permanent – Unlike using various methods that you know f to try and get rid of pests in your home, letting a service know of the problem is going to be more of a permanent solution. While methods you use might work temporarily it takes expert knowledge to get permanently rid of pests in a way they can never come back again.

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