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    Organising a party for a child is no longer a simple house party with finger food and a small cake. Nowadays, the competition to host the best party in town has increased, thereby causing parents to throw a lavish birthday bash with the most extravagant decorations and cake. However, there are a few tips you must remember, regardless of the kind of party you are going to organize.


    Decide on a budget, depending on your child requests, for the party. You could make advance bookings at companies which offer discounts for bouncy castles and face painting activities. In addition, you could decide on the location which suits your budget and party requirements. If you are unable to host the party elsewhere, you could have it at your house, which may save you quite a bit of money. Visit if you are looking for pen gifts.


    The main attraction of the party are the decorations and dessert table. Ensure that you purchase items to suit the theme. You could save up money on arrangements by arranging certain decorations in a custom designed coffee mug suitable to the theme, such as cake pops or cookies placed in these mugs. In addition ensure that the food and cake are ordered at a reputed catering company, in order to make sure that the food and cake match the décor.


    This is one of the most important aspects of a kid’s party, as children attend a party so that they may participate in games and other fun activities. Therefore make sure you organize a fun filled evening and research online for games, in advance. You could also have a bouncy castle, face painting and horse riding, if it can be accommodated within your budget.

    Goodie bags

    Another essential part of a kiddie’s party are the loot bags. This could consist of either one large gift or you could buy several tiny gifts such as a chocolate, mini toy and a few toffees. You could buy gifts for the loot bag in advance when there is a sale going on, so that you can save money on that. Remember to appoint someone to give away the loot bag to each child before they leave, as you may not be able to keep a track on that during the party.

    Organizing a kid’s party is actually more enjoyable than difficult. You have several themes to choose from and various company offer discounted deals for hiring equipment and facilities such as face painting for the party. Thereby making the task easier for you. However, you must ensure that you invite a few of your friends or family members to help you during the party, as you may not be able to handle too many kids at once. Even though it may be challenging to handle so many kids, the smile on your child’s face will make it worthwhile.

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    Are you sure you are not storing the wrong things in your shed or garage? You can easily find out if you keep on scrolling down!

    • Paint – most of us tend to store paint in our garage or shed, but it will surprise you to know that this is not a very good idea. Paint is sensitive to temperature, and if you have your garage and shed excluded from your air conditioning system, chances are it will go bad in the summer thanks to the sweltering heat, or in the winter thanks to the freezing cold. Keep it elsewhere.

    • Gases – another common item people tend to store in garages are gas tanks. This is a very big safety hazard, because it is quite easy to cause an explosion if there is so much as a little ignition source. Gas tanks should not therefore, be part of your garage storage that will be a good functional materials: you can have them placed somewhere outside where the risk is lower. You can store gasoline and other fuel products in your garage as long as they are in a small quantity and are kept in airtight containers.

    • Pet food – pet food should not be put together with the food you eat, of course, but that does not mean it has to be at least a hundred metres away from it, in your garage or shed. Pet food stored in your outdoor units will just attract small critters and animals, who can – and will – tear pet food bags (or even open containers which you thought could not be opened) as they attempt to eat the pet food. This just causes you problems, so make sure you store pet food somewhere else, inside your home.

    • Paper goods – as much as you would not believe it, paper plates and the like have an uncanny ability to attract insects and bugs, such as the detestable cockroaches. As such, make sure that you do not have any paper goods stored in your garage or shed – even the tool cabinets can be a bad idea in this case because insects can easily slip into them from cracks and small crevices. Link here offer a great toring products that can suit to all types of your things.

    • Your fridge – there are people who have their fridges stored in their garages or sheds. By this, we do not refer to unused or broken fridges (and even in that case, we believe it is a better to just discard the fridge if it cannot be repaired or used), but to their operational fridge in which they store food. The idea is as strange as it sounds, and it is also as erroneous as it sounds. Having your fridge in the garage is simply put, a great waste of your energy bill. The garage is usually excluded from the air conditioning system of the house, which means that your fridge won’t benefit from it. In fact, the higher temperature will simply cause your fridge to use up more energy to cool its stored food and items, and it simply does not make sense. Move your fridge to the kitchen.

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